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Big Tay Ninh is a real estate project built and deployed by investor Big Invest Group. With its location near the industrial park and a densely populated place, Big Tay Ninh deserves to be a "jewel in the rock".


In the past 5 years, Tay Ninh has made many positive growth steps to "change meat", due to the investment of many large real estate enterprises. With the advantage of being adjacent to the developing northwest urban area of Saigon, many experts believe that Tay Ninh will most likely be a participating area in the list of potential real estate markets in Ho Chi Minh City in the coming time.

While the land fund in Ho Chi Minh City is gradually depleted, along with the market is saturated in price such as neighboring provinces of Dong Nai, Binh Duong will no longer be attractive to investors. Instead, potential markets such as Tay Ninh are focused because there are many untapped values; Profitability when investing is more attractive. Because the Tay Ninh housing fund is large, the selling price is still low, so the potential for price increase is great.

Grasping the trend of investors in the coastal provinces, many real estate "giants" have chosen Tay Ninh as a stopover. The wave of investment capital in real estate projects is increasingly vibrant in this locality, including the "landing" of investment from large corporations such as Vingroup, Sun Group, FLC, TNG Holding ... Entering Tay Ninh from 2017-2018 is a landmark event for the market here.

This has been creating "leverage" for the development of Tay Ninh real estate market and the gateway to North Saigon. Small and medium-sized investors accordingly began to pour money into Tay Ninh housing. Even in the quiet periods because of the Covid-19 epidemic, Tay Ninh still recorded active trading in the market.

Many housing investment experts assess that Tay Ninh is at the beginning of the growth phase. In the future, real estate prices here will continue to increase because the infrastructure is becoming more and more connected. With a small amount of capital, especially real estate investment in Go Dau, Phuoc Dong, where there will be a speed of urbanization in the coming time and there is a large transport infrastructure being implemented, this investment really brings good profit expectations in the future
The picture of the local real estate market is assessed to have many hot colors and lines in the direction of constantly going up in terms of demand, supply and price.

Catching up with the trend of Tay Ninh real estate market, Big Invest Group is also exploiting a project "9 luxury apartments.9


1. Location

- Located right on the land route connecting to the asphalt road extending to the intercity road No. 782
- Densely populated area


2. Utilities

- Located right next to Phuoc Dong Industrial Park. 1.6 km from Ba Tho Suoi Market, Phuoc Dong Market, 1.8 km From Commune People's Committee, 2.9 km Health Station, 2.8 km from BIDV Bank, 3.1 km from Viettinbank.
- Near the government agencies of Phuoc Dong commune, 42 km from Ba Black Mountain tourist area, Cu Chi District 28 km and Tan Son Nhat airport 59 km.

3. Exterior

The project consists of 9 houses consisting of 2 floors with 6 mini apartments, located in an area with many residential utilities.


 Interior photos inside

The interior is designed: luxurious and modern, an ideal place to live and work or even do business according to your needs.

Legal documents

The land area of ​​map number 30 is located at Suoi Cao A Hamlet, Go Dau district, Tay Ninh province.

Certificate of land ownership of 9 houses in Tay Ninh


 Actual photo of the Western house



The project is 95% complete and is about to be put into operation.

Cash flow efficiency when owning a home in Tay Ninh:

- Convenient to build a building for Professionals of industrial parks

- Optimize the construction area into 06 closed glass apartments full of utilities for rent.

- Rental cash flow expected to reach 10% a year on initial investment.

Capital gains efficiency

- Located in an area where infrastructure is being developed.

- The roads ahead are being upgraded.

- Staying in a large residential area, so liquidity is easy. Expected capital gains after investment of about 30% after the infrastructure is dissolved.


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